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Micro SD - I can't believe it

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It looks like a miracle.

My first personal computer had been a Tandy TRS-80, back in 1981. Four years later my first IBM had a powerful 20 Mega-byte hard drive. Worth 10000 DM.

Now I insert a Micro-SD card in a PCM-recorder. It shows 48hr free for uncompressed High-fidelity stereo recordings. Worth 8€! It is as little as a fingernail. 32768 MByte. Byte not bit.

My "old" Tascam 4-tracker recorded 22.5 minutes on a 90min casette-tape. I used to buy the best tape qualities.

This new little card holds 128 tapes of my 4-tracker which has been a lovely machine to handle with care.
Don't know what the little recorder will do because the manuel only knows 16GB cards. But no error occured until yet.
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My first computer was a "Sinclair". A 3K super machine connected to a TV. The only thing I could do with it was a basic 3 lines program.
Second: Vic 20
Third: Commodore 64 with a dataset.
4.- A TRS-80 portable (weightedabout 20 kilos)
5.- A Mac with a smiley face with a 3.5" disk
6.- A fat mac (512 K of ram)
7.- All the new macs (desktop or portable) about 6 of them.
8.- Several PC,S (desktop and portable)

And now, mac book pro with all the technical gears possible.

With no computers, I would be rich...
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It is amazing how quickly things moved on. My first computer was a Sinclair ZX81 with 1K RAM! Then I had a BBC Microcomputer with 32K RAM and a 40/80 track switchable 5 1/4" floppy disk drive.

From there, my first music equipment was:

- Tascam 688 8-track Cassette Portastudio. As above, a C90 (chrome) cassette gave me 22.5 minutes of recording. It had MIDI Timecode support enabling me to use one of the 8-tracks to sync a sequencer. Cost me £1900 second-hand in 1991
- Atari 1040ST running C-Lab Notator, synced to my Tascam. I had outboard gear of a Roland Sound Canvas and a Roland JV-880. Probably £2k of gear there.

From there I went on to a 486-DX100 PC with a whopping 1GB hard drive running Cakewalk. Cost me £2500 in 1994. Still used my MIDI gear, etc., but I could use the PC to record 16-bit digital masters of my mixes.

These days, I'm on a MacBook Pro running Reaper. It amazes me that the phone in my pocket can outperform all the gear I used to have put together. And my Mac, which fits in a bag, has more 'outboard' gear, tracks and recording power than the £1000/day professional studios I used to record in 20 years ago which had £000ks of outboard gear.

The only real thing which hasn't changed over the years is microphones. Good mics still cost a lot of money. As does a decent dedicated room to record in!
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Ok, a cpu is about a miljon times faster than it was 1980. The same factor applies for ram and mass storage. In about '95 personal computers became usable for music production, that's over 25 years with he same exponential growth as above (Moore's law)

Is the outcome comparable to the resources we have gotten access to?
Pure fingerstyle
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I am in trouble that another problem enters life. I can't love a Micro SD Card. I really loved my first tape-machine at the age of 14. Thanks to my father who fulfilled this expensive wish to me even in financial hard times for him.

I loved my recordplayer. I loved my records.
We loose emotions because we loose things we can love. And, by the way , getting older means you will loose lovely people, too.

Maybe we need to touch something with care to be able to love it. I will not touch that card a 2nd time.

We live in a dualistic world. Every thing has a advantage and a disadvantage at the same time.

Our price could be the loss of freedom and a lack of emotion. But I love my wooden guitar and my bike. :)
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Ist schon der Hammer, habe mir letztens eine 32 GB Micro SD Karte für unter 20 Euro bei ebay geschossen. Ich weiss noch wie wir mit meiner ersten Band (da war ich 16) vor dem Schaufenster des Musikladens gestanden haben und von der damals nagelneu heraus gekommenen Tascam 4-Spur geträumt haben. Wenn ich mich recht erinnere hat die damals so um die 2500 DM gekostet, unerschwinglich für uns ;o)
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Friedrich Nietzsche: "Without music, life would be a mistake."
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Sorry for thinking loudly: We have watched computers for 35 years now and we saw the factor 1.000.000 as Nilton mentioned.

Funny idea: An indian watched the green grass of his home and he saw a single bison at 1789. In the year 1824 he sees 1.000.000 bisons. Will his life change? In which direction? :)

What can be the highest factor of change a human being can watch?
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Well Neronic, I am not attached to all this technical stuff. I buy those tools to be able to progress in my search.
Right now I am putting on sale an expensive Martin guitar because the sound doesn't fit my needs and I don't use it anymore. The same with technical devices.

Like you the only instrument I will always cherish is my very old classical guitar. (my first guitar) This instrument followed me all my life.
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Interesting topic and posts here ^^

I've stopped playing in 1997/98. I've spent my last musician year playing for others in studios. At that time we were mostly using ADAT recorders and depending on the studio mixing panel and a lot of stuff I was not allowed to tuch ;-)

I had a Yamaha 4 tracks tape recorder... And just like neronic, I loved it... It still works, I still have it ^^
I've worked with the first Cubase and my keys player pal's Atary... Midi pilot etc...

Amplification at that time was sort of an experimentation.
And I also remember doing some recording tests using an headphone as a microphone...

It was a great experimentation and discovering time... The French word is "bidouille" (fiddle) ^^

When I decided to play again, one year ago I bought a second hand Boss BR1600...
I really started to record some tracks again two months ago...
It's an amazing tool... Not as efficient as what some guys here are using, but intuitive and easy to use when familiared with the multi tracks way of working.

Really good to feel like a time traveller and step from 1997 to 2016 ;-)
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