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  1. Classical backing track #128297
    Sequencer: khangurumc
    Guitar: OliVBee
    Meter: 6/8 
    Tempo: 80 BPM 
    Musical key: A  major 
  2. Classical backing track #32129
    Sequencer: jamlady
    Guitar: ivax
    Meter: 4/4 
    Sounds like:Paz,
  3. Classical backing track #41346
    Guitar & Sequencer: ROBJOL
    Tempo: 89 BPM 
  4. Classical backing track #8473
    Sequencer: MrAdamOnDrums
    Guitar: OliVBee
    Meter: 4/4 
    Tempo: 130 BPM 
    Musical key: D minor 
    Sounds like:Soundtrack
  5. Classical backing track #31079
    Sequencer & Guitar: Danalyze45
    Tempo: 100 BPM 
  6. Classical backing track #29605
    Sequencer & Guitar: ROBJOL
    Tempo: 85 BPM 
  7. Classical backing track #32727
    Sequencer: jamlady
    Guitar: MajorTom_III
    Meter: 4/4 
  8. Classical backing track #26129
    Sequencer & Guitar: ROBJOL
    Tempo: 97 BPM 
  9. Classical backing track #35968
    Sequencer: woXey
    Guitar: Babbazitt
  10. Classical backing track #15182
    Sequencer: Neddings
    Guitar: akethesnaker
    Meter: 4/4 
    Tempo: 120 BPM 
  11. Classical backing track #118631
    Sequencer: pconey
    Guitar: GrooveEnth
  12. Classical backing track #20984
    Sequencer: MajorTom_III
    Guitar: Damon77
    Tempo: 70 BPM 
  13. Classical backing track #14126
    Sequencer: MrAdamOnDrums
    Guitar: Babbazitt
    Meter: 4/4 
    Tempo: 130 BPM 
    Musical key: D minor 
    Sounds like:Celtic
  14. Reggae backing track #1

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