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  1. Punk-Rock backing track #61551
    Guitar:    DonAdriano
    Drums:    Drumshticks
    Meter: 4/4 Tempo: 100 BPM 
  2. Punk-Rock backing track #15831
    Bass & Drums:    dfriedl
    Tempo: 193 BPM Musical key: G major Sounds like: 
    Green Day
  3. Punk-Rock backing track #71746
    Drums:    dfriedl
    Guitar:    Guadaña
    Bass:    KMstar
    Meter: 4/4 Tempo: 215 BPM 
  4. Punk-Rock backing track #134155
    Drums:    dfriedl
    Guitar:    adu
    Meter: 4/4 Tempo: 215 BPM Musical key: D major Sounds like: 
  5. Punk-Rock backing track #56614
    Guitar:    FrankMil
    Drums:    Lenny Cowler
    Meter: 4/4 Tempo: 155 BPM 
  6. Punk-Rock backing track #20265
    Bass & Drums:    dfriedl
    Guitar:    Tutama
    Tempo: 193 BPM 
  7. Punk-Rock backing track #35609
    Drums:    TheMechanic
    Guitar:    shumdrummer
    Guitar:    PeterVeillon
    Bass:    Basster
    Guitar:    Wikimark
    Meter: 4/4 Tempo: 185 BPM 
  8. Punk-Rock backing track #83788
    Guitar & Guitar:    Fabraptor
    Drums:    rp3drums
    Meter: 4/4 Tempo: 160 BPM Sounds like: 
    Live Drums, Live Band, Green Day, Souther Cal
  9. Punk-Rock backing track #112309
    Guitar:    ARNOSOLO
    Drums:    rp3drums
    Meter: 4/4 Tempo: 110 BPM Musical key: G major 
  10. Punk-Rock backing track #75910
    Guitar, Guitar, Bass & Guitar:    YoWild
    Drums:    Lenny Cowler
    Meter: 4/4 Tempo: 161 BPM Sounds like: 
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