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  1. September 15 2021
    Rock jam feat. remix by ivax on Mixer, Guitar & Vocals Track # 226461
    Take Me Home Tonight- Dan,Ezio & Tu
    by ivax & ivax
  2. March 17 2021
    Rock remix by DirkL feat. ivax Track # 213205
    🎈3000 Xavis under the sea🐙
  3. November 28 2020
    Jazz-Rock remix by Tu feat. ivax Track # 204203
    Raise Your Vibrations
  4. November 11 2020
    Rock jam feat. remix by ivax on Mixer & Vocals Track # 202908
    No Hard Feelings by Tu
  5. October 11 2020
    Jazz-Rock remix by Tu feat. ivax Track # 200376
    Swimming in Circles
  6. September 30 2020
    Electronic remix by Tu feat. ivax Track # 199562
    Time Of Our Lives
  7. September 30 2020
    World remix by JodyTripp feat. ivax Track # 199530
    I Think I'm Losing Me
  8. April 10 2020
    Electronic remix by Tu feat. ivax Track # 186916
  9. February 11 2020
    Rock remix by Stef feat. ivax Track # 182069
    This Ends Now
  10. January 16 2020
    World remix by mrrockero feat. ivax Track # 180210
    noche magica
  11. December 24 2019
    Rock remix by Stef feat. ivax Track # 178740
    Open the Doors of Perception
  12. June 16 2019
    Rock jam feat. remix by ivax on Guitar Track # 165534
    Stuck in the Wall - part II
  13. December 23 2018
    Unplugged remix by Tu feat. ivax Track # 153923
    The Heart Only Breaks Once
  14. December 01 2018
    Rock remix by tullicbr feat. ivax Track # 152218
    La Cortina
  15. November 12 2018
    World jam feat. remix by ivax on Guitar Track # 150837
    The Spell
  16. February 26 2018
    Pop remix by FrankieJ feat. ivax Track # 130883
    Tu Y Yo
  17. September 14 2017
    Classical jam feat. remix by ivax on Guitar Track # 116108
    Winter in Flanders
  18. April 20 2017
    Jazz-Rock jam feat. remix by ivax on Guitar Track # 103795
    in the Room
    by MajorTom_III & ivax
  19. September 27 2016
    Rock jam feat. remix by ivax on Guitar Track # 84922
    Rats or Mice?
    by freebird & ivax
  20. February 18 2016
    Folk jam feat. remix by ivax on Vocals Track # 64910
    La Dirección del Tiempo & Grey Note (voice and guitar)
  21. August 01 2015
    Metal jam feat. remix by ivax on Drums Track # 46498
    Metal fast(version drums)
    by ivax & ivax

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me like all music styles singer-songwriter, composer, arranger, started with the guitar at the end of the 70's, with a Spanish guitar Tatay and an Epiphone cheap acoustics and an electric that was so bad that it was impossible to refine it, formed a band of hard Rock in the year 81 with own songs called Nostradamus, after were several formations, even that in 1997 for personal reasons left side this world of music which many satisfactions I had given. In 2012 I went back to get the guitar case, 15 years later and I can assure you that it has not been easy returning to rediscover that satisfaction that brings you feel attached to your instrument, many hours of practices, to recover the memory of Physics of hands... Nowadays my dedication is only and exclusively to composing solo and technical self-taught learning, perhaps in the future I would raise back to form a band, I have no hurry... On this page of WiKiloops I found a good place to practice and know what people do in other gustan todos los estilos musicales
Cantaautor,compositor,arreglista,comencé con la guitarra a finales de los 70,con una guitarra española Tatay y una Epiphone acustica barata y una electrica que era tan mala que era imposible afinarla,formamos una banda de Rock duro en el año 81 con temas propios llamada Nostradamus,despues fueron varias las formaciones,hasta que en 1997 por motivos personales dejé de lado este mundo de la música que tantas satisfacciones me habia dado .
En el año 2012 volví a sacar la guitarra del estuche,15 años despues y puedo aseguraros que no ha sido nada fácil volver a reencontrar esa satisfaccion que aporta sentirte unido a tu instrumento,muchas horas de practicas,para recuperar la memoria fisica de las manos....
Hoy en dia mi dedicacion es unica y exclusivamente a componer en solitario,y aprendizaje de tecnicas autodidacta,Tal vez en un futuro me plantee volver a formar una banda,no tengo prisa...
En esta pagina de WiKiloops he encontrado un buen sitio para practicar y conocer lo que la gente hace por otros lares...



recording devices

Cubase con tarjeta externa Roland duocapture
Fender Stratocaster standard japan 1986
Behringer virtube fx efectos (Delay,reverb,chorus,overdrive,)
Microfono Lewwit


March 21 1965

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"Wikiloops is an amazing platform to experiment with the styles of music that I never have had the opportunity to vocalize with. Thanks to all the excellent musicians/producers, the sound quality of the tracks are spectacular. "

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