1. March 9, 2024
    World jam feat. shiihs on Vocals Track # 290599
    An Irish Drone
    by shiihs
  2. March 4, 2024
    Blues jam feat. shiihs on Keys Track # 290338
    Emerge and soar
    by Sandy Stewart & shiihs
  3. March 2, 2024
    Classical jam feat. shiihs on Keys Track # 290204
    Whispers of Quietude
    by shiihs


I enjoy a wide range of music, from classical to experimental, including microtonal and algorithmically generated music. In my music I regularly look for ways to combine ideas or techniques of "traditional" composition with more experimental or generative techniques. (But I certainly also enjoy some good old "normal" music :)).


Midi sometimes is generated from supercollider, sometimes played live on a keyboard/synth, and then either kept or corrected in the DAW,
sometimes completely drawn in the DAW.

Audio is generated by a Roland Integra-7 module, a Sequential Rev2 synth (which doubles as midi controller), a KAWAI NV10 digital grand piano, a Casio WK6700 workstation and/or supercollider (a computer programming language for sound synthesis and algorithmic composition). I'm also using VSTs and software synths, including Pianoteq, Organteq, yoshimi, Odin2, Surge-XT and Vitalium.

recording devices

I'm currently recording on a linux laptop running EndeavourOS with pipewire/wireplumber using ardour 8.2. Audio is recorded using a Behringer U-PHORIA UMC1820. Midi is recorded either using USB-midi, or (infrequently) via an old midisport 1x1 interface (nowadays, I could also use the Behringer, just haven't tried it yet). For vocals in the past I have used a USB AT2020 microphone (but I don't record vocals often).

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public Uploads: 111
Fans: (received thumbs)724
given thumbs: 426
written Comments: 647
Forum posts: 66
received Remixes: 106
total plays:25,649
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