Grind The Tool Down

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Jan 11, 2019
Wow. Just wow from Frank here. I've just had a listen to the other fantastic adds from WD and Lenny and it seems we all chose the same approach - a half-time 14/8 feel. Probably because it really works and also makes the track more accessible to other players! Went for a busy verse pattern between the snare/hi-hat with those pushes in every other bar effectively being on the beat as we're in 7/8. A great ruse for giving the track ...
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The most amazing drum track I've heard in forever. Total Respect Mr Pointon +3
January 11, 2019 at 11:17 AM
mpointon Thank you, Frank. I'm not always comfortable in odd-meter but your riff had such a natural flow I found it really easy to latch onto!

Got two more of your uploads in my backlog to go yet! Love this track!
Wow nice one. I tell you what's spooky, yesterday I spend an hour jamming on my own on a very very (!) similar to the first minute of FrankyMils backing track, with that slightly oriental feeling and scale. And I was wondering how it would sound with drums... and here I open up this track, and there it is :D :D +2
Lenny Cowler
Wow!!! Martin " Portnoy":):W +1
For me it is a 7/4 - anyway: fantastic Drumwork! Love the Ride-Fireworks at 1:25 that are repeated at the end! +1
Yes, it sounds like we all went 7/4! Awesome! :o Great playing and sound M! :W +1
Spot on Martin! Such deep dynamical feel on the great guitar! Rock bass needed real badd now! :) +1
Great minds think alike I guess is the answer for you top drummers. A wonderful way to play 7/8 and hear/use the double cycle (14 beats). Perfect presence and plenty of push. Outstanding drumming. +0
this is fantastic! amazing collab between you and Frank! +0
A decent effort here at some metal drumming. +0
Frank, Mr Pointon..... Well, all I can say is, this is a perfect combination here. Thank you guys for posting this track, I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to it although I am not sure my neighbours will agree with that part of my comment (ha ha ha). Keep posting! :W +0

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