This Road Is Too Long Without You

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Segregated in the house I look outside and I have a little melancholy, I wish this was just a bad dream ....and so this song came out. Piano Rhodes and Hammond. Thank you so much for listening.
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Piano Rhodes;


very nice :)+2
March 14 2020 17:38:01
Stef Thank you so much Bhunt! :) +0
Stef you are in my thoughts. Thank you for a wonderful tune <3<3<3+2
March 14 2020 17:38:19
Stef Thank you so much dear Tu! :) :) +1
...and, as always Stef, you express your feelings so well through your playing.<3 I look forward to the day when the music is joyous again my dear friend<3<3
March 14 2020 17:38:36
Stef Thank you so much my friend! :) +1
You will come through it I am sure and sooner than many others where it is just beginning.....this beautiful music will keep you strong dear Stef<3:W+1
March 14 2020 17:39:38
Stef Peter, thank you so much for your words! :) :) +1
Beautiful Stef.+1
March 14 2020 17:39:55
Stef Thank you so much Joe! :) +0
<3<3 Fantastic Stef, mi amigo,+1
March 14 2020 17:40:06
Stef Thank you so much Xavi! :) +1
Oh Stef my heartfelt thoughts are with you at this terrifying time. UK from want I have heard on the news will be as bad soon. It's already here In Manchester. Wonderful soulful music<3<3<3+1
March 14 2020 17:40:26
Stef Thank you so much dear Dorothy! :) :) +1
Come on paisĂ , we'll come out maybe for August. Anyway great great track!+1
March 14 2020 17:40:51
Stef Speriamo per tutti noi! Grazie Marco! :) +0
March 14 2020 19:01:51
docnat facciamo le :W +1
March 14 2020 19:03:36
Stef Daje! :) +0
very pleasant:)+1
March 14 2020 17:40:59
Lenny Cowler
Stef Thank you so much Lenny! :) +0
Beautiful Stef,I wish you the best in the hope that better days will come.<3+1
March 14 2020 17:41:18
Stef Thank you so much Mark!! <3:) +1

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