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Jul 29, 2023
Short and sweet... Had this little acoustic picking figure going round in my head for a while now, but just couldn't really work out anywhere for it to go... Anyway, I recorded it as a backing track to practise soloing over, then I added a couple of bits for a 'chorus/bridge' whatever to break it up. So I guess it's not really a song as such and there's not much there!
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Guess who's back and gonna stalk all your tracks? ;) Glad to see you are still creating! ♥️ +2
July 30, 2023 at 12:10 PM
Koldov Ahhhh... :o KellsBells! <3 Like a moth to a flame... although I'm disappointed you haven't been stalking all this time :@ ;), but I do low-key stalk you anyway and keep tabs on you and your busy life, so I know you've always got a lot going on! Happy you're back, though I'm not 'creating' much anymore... :( mostly just rehashing old tracks from back when I had the time/inspiration to actually sit down and play for hours on end... :| +2
Coolness brother :W +2
Major 3rd
Another great jam track bro! saw what you did with it which sounded great...might try my own thing...if it works.I'll see what my GB drummers does with it....cheers:D +2
August 2, 2023 at 1:15 AM
Koldov Can't wait to hear it! :W +0
This is a great backing track !! :W +2
Great foundation for jam track and improvisations.. +1
Cool Brother, miss your beautiful talent here Koldov👌 +0

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