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I'm new on wikiloops and very impressed by the amazing tracks here. I've already spent hours listening to many songs here.

At the moment, I'm about to record my first track (remix) :D

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Hello and welcome to wikiloops Miri :)
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Hi Miri, nice to have you with us at the loops :) I am sure you will have lots of fun here :) Looking forward to hearing your music :)
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Welcome be sure to check out the lyrics library.
Click Search then Click Lyrics.
I been using them but I’m not really a singer.
If you like some of the songs I did fell free to do your version.
(tip) download my HD track and mute it you can use it as a visual aide as when to start and stop singing.
Be sure to send me a link I would like to hear someone sing it that knows what there doing. :D
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Welcome to the Loops, we look forward to hearing you sing :)
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Welcome Miri, I am sure you have fun;)
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Welcome !!! Enjoy !
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Hi! I came across the website a few weeks ago when looking for data to train a style transfer algorithm on. I was looking into timbre transfer, which is effectively a technique which transforms the sound of one instrument such to make it sound like a different one. This might be a cool video if you're interested in knowing more:

Such systems do require an insane amount of (good and isolated) data however and this website proved to be an awesome source for training data. Now I'm looking into a different music processing task for my master thesis, namely music source separation. That is the task of separating an input signal into two or more components (e.g. isolating the vocals from the instrumentals, good for karaoke!) and I think that we might be able to help each other out! I'll probably make a separate post on this in the forum.

In any case, thanks for having me here!
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