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Creating space in your mix for others

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I often don’t contemplate who might overdub an add
when composing, though I might compose with the thought
to upload to wikiloops.

By the time i’ve got something and spent time as I’ve deemed,
then comes some rumination about how to mix in space for others.

I might imagine player A, B, or C jamming over it while contemplating the mixed
track, but don’t know in terms of fader adjustment, or fx levels, what to do?
Lately, I’ve just been adjusting adjusting melody tracks down some, and
then turning down the rhythm just a bit.

Wondering how other loopers solve this problem.
Michael Bender
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Good topic and nice thought Mike !

I'm only speaking for myself and my approach might not fit other loopers who are often contributing templates or early adds (the kind that might leave room for further adds) ...

Templates can be very different from one looper to another but personally i like to leave ALOT of space for imagination so other players can fill in the gaps (or not whether they decide not to) with stuff i possibly never imagined myself :) ... in fact i often do my best to leave as many options available as possible !

For the template mix that also means that consistency is what i'm after most times : unless a real variation of intensity is planned from the start i won't really move a fader up and down. I'm leaving that for when i can do a full mix !
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clusters Clusters CLUSTERS !!!!!!
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I guess I'm fishing for something I can use immediately, without the hell of trial and error, or snorting up commercial advice on search engines until your basically thoughtless. Something like, 'yeah, I just pan the drums to about 14 degrees L or R depending on how it sounds, bass usually center, and then put some boost +/- modifier on tracks after coming up with a mix that sounds allright. For example, maybe two tracks of your creation come down a certain number of db based on overall track loudness that match the overall db's expected from over dubbers.

You do that, and that can become a 'production path' like using reverbs a certain way, or to compress or not to compress.
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Michael Bender
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