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Dealing with some static sound issues on my guitars when recording.
my current setup is the following:

3rd gen Focusrite Scarlett Solo, with updated, fully functioning drivers.
It is connected to my computer through usb.

Guitar: Solar A2.7 with Solar Duncann neck/bridge humbucker pickups, non active.

So far, i think i've nailed the issue down to being EM radiation from my monitor/PC tower, based on the fact that whenever i move my guitar around the air, the buzzing seem to change. It's super annoying when you mostly play around with rather high gain settings.

Noise gates and filters do seem to remove the buzzing, so i can get silence when i want it, but the issue is i can still hear the buzzing when im actively playing. i'd like the recording quality to be higher.

So the question really boils down to; Is the only solution to record while standing in the other end of the room? or is there some magic i could do?
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Are you recording on a laptop? If so, maybe try unplugging its power supply once and work on the battery. At least in my previous laptop this worked around a problem of terrible ground loop noise (introduced by using USB cables).

If what you experience is ground loop noise, then getting rid of it in general may involve breaking the ground loop using a so-called "DTI" box (i.e. a ground loop isolator - it works by physically separating the electrical circuits by temporarily converting the electrical signal to a light signal and then back to an electrical signal). (I don't have much practical experience with such boxes, as for me unplugging the power supply worked...)

Of course there may be other reasons for noise as well...
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