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Linking a non-usb effect via another effect with usb to a pc

Linking a non-usb effect via another effect with usb to a pc

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Hi all.

I hope you will forgive this question as I am a bit of a techno-dinosaur, but I was wondering whether it is possible to connect a multi-effects pedal that does not have a USB port through another pedal (which does have one) so that I can use it to record via PC?

The one without has some really cool stuff that I just do not seem to be able to replicate on the other one, hence my wondering if I could use a cable from one to the other to link them, and then use the USB from the other to the pc?

Or could I use an audio interface and link it to that, perhaps?

Sorry if it seems a bit of a dumb question but I am trying to learn so as to bring myself into the 21st century :).

Many thanks, in advance.
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Probably stating the obvious, but why not plug it in as you describe and see?
I have a std jack multi-effects unit and plug it into the audio interface. I don't have a guitar amp these days (live on a boat) and amp sims and vst effects often have too much delay for live playing so that's the best I can do.
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You should be able to send the analoge signal from the non-usb equipped pedal to the one with usb via jack to jack. The only issue you could have is if the pedals dont like each other in chain, then there could be some unwanted noise or tone.
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