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We are happy to announce the 4th wikiloops member meeting which will be happening from
August 31th - September 3rd 2017 in Steinfeld, Germany.
If you are interested to join us, check out the
wikiloops member meeting info posted in the forum.

Project history

wikiloops was launched as a true hobby project on april 1st 2011, with a hand-full of musical contributers around a single coder, and with around 200 home-recorded tracks in the database to start with.
"Organicly grown" might be the best description of what happened ever since, and the wikiloops you are looking at today is the fruit of uncounted hours spent to improve the site following suggestions from the continuously growing user base.
We can only say thank you to all the individuals who helped and continue to help make it happen by sending support or offering volunteer help.
If you would like to follow up some of wikiloops steps from day 1 to today and to get to know a little more about the people who operate this project, you may either read on here:
The team & credits page
or read back "Dicks developers blog".
If you have a look around the wikiloops forums, you may witness the past and ongoing dialogue with our members,
and you may have a look at the annual transparency reports on the projects development which are also published there.
A gallery of screenshots which documents the interface changes from the first to the current version may be looked and smiled at here.

Past meetings documentation

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