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Wikiloops transparency report 2017

wikiloops transparency report 2017

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Dick Supporter
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Joined: Dec 30, 2010
Hello there,

It is once again time to publish the latest wikiloops transparency report,
which you may review by clicking on below link:
[url=https://www.wikiloops.com/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=1691&getfile=13045]wikiloops transparency report 2017 pdf[/url]

Those of you who have been around on wikiloops a little longer will know
this is one of wikiloops traditions on the beginning of each year -
for anyone wondering what this may be about,
I suggest you simply have a look at the report,
which combines a mix of statistical evaluation,
budget insight and a bit of comment on the way the wikiloops project evolved in 2017.

As in previous years, you are invited to leave comments or ask questions concerning the report here in the wikiloops forum.

Thank you very much for your interest in how wikiloops is operated!

To allow easy access, here are the links to the previous years reports lined up for you (just in case you'd like to dig a little deeper):
Report on 2016:
Report on 2015:
Report on 2014:
Report on 2013:
Report on 2012:
Report on 2011:
Dick attached the following file:
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OliVBee Supporter
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Can't figure out why no answer has been posted to the 2017 report so far ... the initial post has not been thumbed this much either ... maybe a side effect of the twin-retro-pedaling-system of the new year ??

anyway ... i'm once again amazed by the amount of work you're able to knock down ! the whole wikiloops community is lucky to have you :) and also i meant to say this : ups and downs have been occuring in cycle they're certainly part of wikiloops story (part of anyone's life as well) but imost definitely want to believe this report is an "up" sign !

so i'm wishing you and the wikiloops project many more ups and possibly less downs for this year ! and hopefully an even better report next year ;)

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Nice to see that Wikiloops is going places, and especially that the funding seems to be improving, hope that will continue to improve in 2018.
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frenzie Supporter
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This is a real fine report Richard, you put so much effort in it, my thanks goes out to you and the whole family and like joe said very goed to see that the funding has improved, not enough jet but going in the right direction. Let us hope it will grow to the needed amount.
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Thank you for the numbers and for all the work you do for us.

I hope it will be better every year.

best wishes
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wjl Supporter
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Joined: Feb 14, 2018
Thanks for everything Richard. As you might remember, I told you that I probably couldn't support Wikiloops, but after some more listening and getting active, I decided to do it. Announced it from work on http://wolfgang.lonien.de/2018/03/gonna-support-richard/ - but I didn't even wait until I got home... ;)

Now I'm thinking about making some banners like: "I'm a proud member of...", or "Supporting member of...", to place them on my own site and of course to offer them here. I'd gladly take any artwork which exists already, looked but couldn't find much yet.

Anyway, this site is great, the people are really nice & friendly, and I love to spend some time here. So again, thanks for everything.


P.S.: also mentioned Wikiloops in the Linux Musicians' forum, here: https://www.linuxmusicians.com/viewtopic.php?f=60&p=90884#p90884 (delete the ampersand codeword if the link doesn't work, the editor doesn't show it)
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Wade Supporter
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Excellent report and it's good to hear optimism for a bright future.
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......yeah.. What they all said! And ps. it's great! Thanks!

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