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Using private storage & Assigning storage to a band project

Using private storage & Assigning storage to a band project

What exacty is private storage?

What we are reffering to as "Private storage" is one of the features which are only available within upgraded memberships on wikiloops.

Private storage basically is reserved digital storage space on an online web-server, similar to a hard-drive in a normal computer.
The membership upgrades include a fixed amount of such online storage space, which may be used for audio file-sharing and non-public collaborations in private band groups on wikiloops.
The main benefits of private storage on wikiloops are the added convenience of having a file-sharing & transfer tool similar to those offered by external services as dropbox or wetransfer,
and the ability to use wikiloops collaboration tools without sharing your music with all of the wikiloops visitors, who have access to all tracks on wikiloops except for those hosted within a private storage.

In its initial state, private storage is "unassigned", which is similar to having a hard-drive which has not been formatted for use.

To become accessible, private storage needs to be assigned to band projects, which then provide the interface to access the online storage and do things like uploading & downloading audio files.

This procedure (which basically puts the band interface between you and your private storage) has the benefit that you may set up multiple band instances to represent different groups of people who shall access & exchange files.
This is convenient because access-rights are then managed by the bands invitation tool, and you will not have to configure access rights on each and every single upload (which would be very annoying when sharing multiple files with the same people).

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Assign storage to a band project

Only the founder of the band may assign private storage to a band, and
- needs to be in an upgraded membership status at the time of assigning storage
- needs to have "unassigned storage" left (see the article on "managing private storage" when running short on storage)

You may assign storage to a band project during its creation, or later by clicking on the "manage band"-button offered on the bands page.
Locate the form to configure storage space, which offers an overview of:
"Total storage available" - this is the maximum private storage space available in your current membership status.
"Reserved for other bands" - displays any portion of your private storage which has already been assigned to other bands of yours.
"Reserved for this band" - displays either the default value or your last saved setting of how much of your private storage is assigned to the current band.

You may change the value to any desired size, as long as the sum of "reserved for other bands" + your new setting does not exceed the limit stated in "Total storage available",
and as long as the new setting is not lower than the currently occupied space of the band project, which is displayed as "Currently used by this band".

Confirm your choice with the offered button to complete the task.

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