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Our fair offer for the trespassing downloader

wikiloops download tickets offer you a fair and quick way to get some great backing tracks on your hard-drive without the need to set up a wikiloops user account - which you may not need if you are not (yet) interested to actively join the collaboration on wikiloops.
Download tickets are available here in return for a small contribution to help us maintain wikiloops.
For all questions concerning the download ticket purchase processing and service, please refer to the service agreement details as offered in the download tickets overview table.
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Why wikiloops members do not need download tickets

If you already have a wikiloops membership account, you will not want to purchase a download ticket for two reasons:
- if you have upgraded your membership, you may download unlimited tracks without a download ticket, so why buy one.
- if you have not upgraded your membership and are using wikiloops for free (and are not satisfied with the included free downloads per day),
you should rather consider purchasing a short-termed membership upgrade instead of buying a download ticket. Unlimited download access for one month costs about the same as one download ticket for non-members.

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