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How does online music collaboration work on wikiloops?

How does online music collaboration work on wikiloops?

Music collaboration based on exchanging audio files

While playing a piece of music together with several musicians usually requires getting together at a fixed time in a real place,

our online jam-sessions on wikiloops allow you to do that from the comfort of your living room whenever you find the time.
Since jamming live (possibly by video conference) via the internet is often not technically satisfactory and would require making prior appointments, we are playing "together" by playing to recordings which are exchanged via wikiloops.

But someone sharing a home-recorded track, and someone else playing along to that track at home would not be a wikiloops collaboration yet:
Wikiloops can be used as a great collection of backing tracks, but to join the collaboration, the second musician may create a second recording of himself playing along to the initial track, and post the recording as a remix of the initial track.

When the remix is posted, the first musician gets a chance to hear what was played, and anyone browsing wikiloops has a choice to play or remix either the first or second version of the initial track.

It is important to understand that most of the time there are no prior discussions between the collaborators, and whoever posts a track to let others create remixes has no telling about which instruments or melodies may be added.
The surprise moment among the musicians when an unexpected new remix is posted is similar to the experience of a live jam-session.

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