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Downloading the "mixed audio" or "HD singles" of a track

Downloading the "mixed audio" or "HD singles" of a track

Download availability

Downloading backing tracks from wikiloops requires either a members account or the purchase of a download ticket.
Members who are using a free members account may only download a limited amount of tracks per day, as offered in the membership comparison table.

Music downloads from wikiloops are offered in various audio download formats, most prominently .mp3.
The availability of higher quality .wav files and the encoding quality of the available .mp3s generally depend on what the creator of the track uploaded, only the audio format which is being streamed to the wikiloops audio player is definetly available for download.

Tracks which include single track attachments are labeled with the "HD" icon on the download button.
If the presence of such single attachments is relevant to you, you may set the search tools HD-focus to spot tracks with attached single tracks.

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Downloading mixed tracks and single track attachments

Given that you either hold a download ticket or are logged in to your members account, you may download tracks by clicking on the "download" button offered below each audio player on wikiloops.

A pop-up dialogue opens which offers the button(s) to start the file download(s).

The top segment of the selection dialogue offers the "mixed" download(s).
This is the audio "as heard" in the online player, containing all instruments mixed into one file.

Where available, the second segment of the dialogue offers the single track attachments, each containing only the stated instrument as shared by the contributors.

Click on the offered buttons to choose the file(s) to download.
Depending on your standard download settings, a second dialogue will ask you where to store the file, or it will be stored to your default "downloaded files" folder.
Close the download dialogue once you are done starting downloads, you may continue browsing the site as the files are downloaded in the background.

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How downloads are counted in free membership accounts & download tickets

Free member account users and download ticket holders may only download limited amounts of tracks.
When keeping record of the number of downloaded tracks to apply these per-user limits, wikiloops is counting the number of tracks whichs downloads you accessed, not the number of files you actually downloaded.
For the following example, let's assume you do have access to the single tracks (as available in any membership type or the premium download ticket):
If you downloaded the mixed mp3 of track A,
the mixed mp3 + three single tracks of track B and returned to track A to download the mixed mp3 a second time,
then a total of 2 tracks (A + B) will be counted as downloaded, even tho you actually downloaded 6 audio files.

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