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Following up one musicians tracks and following a team of collaborators

Following up one musicians tracks and following a team of collaborators

Ways to spot tracks which were contributed by a certain musician

In this article we will cover two easy ways to browse any musicians tracks which are both available regardless of having a members account on wikiloops.
Wikiloops also offers a social-network kind of "follow" function to define interest between registered members, but we will focus on following-up by navigation here.

Browsing tracks via the "same musicians" panel
When starting to browse the backingtrack collecting from the track search tool and browsing some tracks, you will sooner or later spot a track that has the certain thing you like, and sometimes it is quite obvious who has added that extraordinary bit - be it the drummer who plays just the right style or the vocalist with the funny lyrics, the guitarist with the way-out sounds or the bassist who rules the track from the low ends.
In such situations it is time to let go of thinking in categories, and to check out if there is more of the good stuff supplied by that individual musician.
Locate the "alternative tracks" panel on the tracks page and switch to the "same musicians" tab.
By default, the "same musicians"-tab checks if it can find tracks which feature the same mix of collaborators, which is working best when looking for duos or trios (the more musicians need to be matched, the smaller to chance to find a second match).

To focus on one single musician instead of all involved musicians, select the musician you would like to follow up by clicking on his avatar picture in the "Musicians"-tab in the "Track Info" panel. The "same musicians"-tab will reload and offer you more tracks involving your musician of interest.

Browsing a musicians tracks by visiting the user profile
This second option takes you away from the playground of track pages and the track search tool and lets you focus entirely on the artist whos profile you are visiting.
To visit a users profile, click on the members username and have a look around the personal info and list of shared tracks on the user profile.
The "Tracks"-Tab on the user profile lists all public contributions, and you can re-order and filter them with the tools offered at the top of the "Tracks"-Tab, and listen to them right on the artist profile.

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