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Sending private messages

User to user communications by wikiloops private messages

As the title indicates, sending private messages to wikiloops users requires a members account which includes the required personal inbox and messenger functionalities.

There are three possible ways to send a private message:

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Sending a message via the recipients profile

Navigate to the recipients wikiloops user profile by clicking on the hyperlinked username, or by looking up the users profile with the member search tool
Click on the "Message" button offered in the head area of the user profile.
You are being redirected to the conversation page, where you may enter and send your message.
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Sending a message from your messages-page

Navigate to your messages overview page by clicking on the "envelope"-icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
Enter the recipients wikiloops username in the "Enter username" field offered at the top of the page and select the correct recipient from the appearing drop-down menu.
You are being redirected to the conversation page, where you may enter and send your message.
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Sending a message with the instant messenger pop-up

This third option is only available within upgraded membership accounts, and is not available in devices with small screens.

If the receipient of your message is currently online, you may start the conversation in a chat-like small conversation pop-up which keeps floating on top of the wikiloops pages which you may continue to browse as you chat.

To open the small dialogue, click on the "Speechbubble"-icon shown next to the username of the recipient in the online users panel. The online users panel is only visible after log-in and located at the right side of wikiloops pages, below the shoutbox.

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Receiving private messages

Whenever you receive a message, the "envelope"-icon in the top right corner of wikiloops will light up and display a red dot with the number of new messages in your inbox.
To check your inbox, simply click on the "envelope"-icon.
On the conversations overview page which is opened, the conversations which contain the new unread messages will be displayed at the top.
Mind that if one user has sent you multiple messages, there may be only one conversation marked with the small red envelope icon.
Click on the conversation list entry on the overview page to open the chosen conversation, where you may read and respond to the received message.

Should you not be logged in on wikiloops at the time of receiving a private message, an email notification informing you about the new message in your inbox will be sent to your email account.
How to change this default notification behaviour is explained in Messaging and Email notification settings.

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